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I’ve…been surpassed by a younger member.

If I can just add something to this:
This feeling is possibly one of the worst in swimming. The sport itself is a complicated mix of team and individual, where you largely compete for yourself but have an entire team as a support network and family.
What Ai’s going through, I’ve been there. Despite how hard you push yourself, how closely you adapt to new techniques, you’re still in the second group. Your friends,some of them one, two, even 4 years younger are in first tier and seem like they’re not even trying. It starts to weigh on you you’re just not the same level, but you can’t let it show. Part of you is jealous but you can’t find the strength to really feel it because deep down you’re happy they’re succeeding because they’re your team and you want them to be the best they can be. But there’s always that little voice calling out from the darkness,reminding you you’ll never be quite like them.


So kids, how was your first adventure?


men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny


Howl and Sophie, Before and After - Howl’s Moving Castle

screencap meme
#17.  touch me + yu yu hakusho - asked by mauckingbird


i try to draw nice things but then these things happen :{



i am literally doing the most pointless thing rn oh my god 


i hate myself